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Stay ahead of the curve in the competitive financial services sector

How do you keep abreast in the midst of the unprecedented speed of change in today’s industry?

The Working Groups powered by TABInsights cover the transformation taking place across different segments of financial services industry both on a global and regional level. The community-based approach, rich content and insights ensures that you are constantly kept aware of sentiments in the industry, even when you are forced to make choices that affect your bank’s success in the marketplace.

These working groups will provide your team with high-level briefings covering the key trends impacting your financial institution from a macro, market and street-level perspective. Structural changes impacting retail, transaction, risk, technology banking on a global and regional level will be covered.

As part of the subscription to the working groups, your organisation will gain access to the following


Regular research reports and updates

These authoritative and unbiased reports are put together by our in-house research team and cover the various hot button topics affecting the different areas across financial services industry, together with the trends, country profiles, industry data etc.


TABLive RadioFinance sessions

Discuss trends, data and best practices in these sessions, which are organised to as we collate sufficient data or a case study.

We will arrange for a TABLive RadioFinance session with industry practitioners who are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise to provide insights on different key topics.

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