Topical Reports

Aug 23

《2023全球私人财富管理市场展望》对2023年全球私人财富领域的新兴趋势和前景进行了深入研究。亚洲银行家与财富管理从业者和高级监管机构展开了对话,讨论了尽管COVID-19大流行带来的挑战,但私人财富管理行业仍然呈现出显著增长的现象 本报告探讨了地缘政治不确定性对财富迁移的影响,以及不断增加的地缘政治风险如何引发史上最大规模的财富迁移。通过访问新加坡、香港和迪拜这三个努力成为下一个全球财富中心的热门目的地,我们深入探讨了它们独特的优势和最近吸引全球财富的努力

Jul 23

Global Private Wealth Management Market Outlook 2023 examines the emerging trends and prospects in the global private wealth landscape for 2023. The Asian Banker reached out to wealth management practitioners and high-ranking regulators to discuss the significant growth observed despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Jul 20

The increasing demand for relevant, immediate, and interactive customer engagement on a large scale, within a secure and trustworthy environment, is driving the adoption of AI and Machine Learning (ML) applications. These technologies have significant implications for financial institutions in four key areas: marketing and decision making, operational efficiencies, customer experience, and fraud and credit underwriting.

Oct 14

In its fifth consecutive year now, The Asian Banker evaluates the demand and usage of the RMB in cross-border trade, payment, investment and financing. The report includes a survey of 2,546 executives from three groups of institutions, which comprise of companies and enterprises based in China (Chinese companies), companies and enterprises based outside of China (overseas companies), and financial institutions (FIs) around the globe.

Aug 18

The increased adoption and innovation of digital technologies have enhanced the ease and speed of transactions, but they have also introduced heightened risks for digital fraud and cyberattacks. Interconnected devices and ecosystems amplify vulnerabilities as perpetrators exploit new technologies to breach cyber defense systems. The surge in online and contactless transactions since the COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by escalating fraud incidents across the industry.

Jul 21

All industries and sectors have been uniquely disrupted by the pandemic, causing companies to revisit their strategies as they look to react to the current environment and plan for the future. SMEs increasingly expect a fully integrated product and service platform from which to access financial solutions and services to run their business, reduce operating cost, and expand regionally and beyond. In this context, banks have accelerated the digitisation and automation of their SME operations and processes and are progressing in building a platform from where SMEs can access everything in one place.

Jul 14

The Annual Asia Pacific Transaction Finance Trends and FI Satisfaction Report provides in-depth insights into the current state of the transaction finance industry and the emergence of alternate technologies that are transforming the industry. The report also provides updates on infrastructure and platform upgrades undertaken by regional/domestic and international transaction banks in Asia Pacific. It covers major industry and financial services community initiatives in an attempt to identify key trends and best practices across products and technology in cash management, payments and trade & supply chain finance.

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